Tiefsee is an open-source image viewer for Windows with powerful features and ease of use.
The project is built with .NET 7 and developed using C#, TypeScript, SCSS, and EJS.
The entire user interface is rendered using WebView2, providing a smooth user experience.

Minimum requirements: 64-bit Windows 10

What is the difference between the Store and Portable versions?

  • There is no functional difference between the Store and Portable versions
  • The Store version can be updated through the store and will not leave any data after Tiefsee is deleted
  • The Portable version requires the installation of .NET Desktop Runtime 7 (x64) to run
  • The Portable version can use 'portable mode' by creating a portableMode folder next to Tiefsee.exe, and all data will be stored inside
If there are no special requirements, it is recommended to use the Store version

Why is the Store version larger than the Portable version?

The Store version packages the entire .NET runtime environment into the program during compilation, and Microsoft has not yet proposed an effective solution

Does Tiefsee collect user data?

Tiefsee does not collect any user data,
However, when using 'Image Search', Tiefsee will first upload the image to a temporary image server, and then upload it to a third-party image search engine,
The image copy on the server will be permanently deleted after 60 seconds.

Program displays 'WebView2 must be installed to run this application' when starting

Possible reasons are:
  • WebView2 is not installed on the computer: 'Click here' to download
  • WebView2 is installed but failed to install: Remove the old WebView2, then right-click on 'WebView2 installer' and run as administrator
  • WebView2 initialization error: Avoid special characters such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in the Tiefsee path

Abnormalities occur after using frosted glass (AERO, Acrylic) window effects

The frosted glass window effect is not an officially released API of Windows. This feature may have bugs or be unusable on some devices. Common problems include:
  • The blurred area overflows outside the window
  • Tiefsee's window is severely delayed when moving
Author: hbl917070(深海異音)
Email: hbl917070@gmail.com