An open-source image viewer for Windows with powerful features and ease of use
Version 4.2.1 released
Window Theme
Window effects:
Transparent window, AERO, Acrylic

Custom options:
Background color, Text color, Icon color, Icon thickness, Text thickness, Window rounded corners
File Panel
View all images in the current folder for easy switching and management of images
Folder Panel
View and preview images in folders at the same level as the current folder for easy switching and management of folders
Information Panel
Read additional information from the image:
Bulk View
View multiple images by scrolling vertically
  • Images can be arranged vertically or in two columns, suitable for reading comics
  • Use waterfall flow to automatically arrange images and view multiple images at the same time
Quick Drag File
Drag images directly from Tiefsee to other programs to open or upload
Open Web Image
Drag images from a browser or Discord to Tiefsee to open
Supports Multiple Formats
Supports over 50 image formats:
svg, webp, webm, psd, clip, heic, avif, qoi ...
Fast Startup
All Tiefsee windows share the same instance. As long as not all Tiefsee windows are closed, Tiefsee can be started quickly
Online Image Search
sauceNAO, Yandex, Ascii2d, Google, Google Lens, Bing
Select a file on the desktop or in a folder and then press and hold the spacebar to preview the file
Other Features
Markdown editor, text file editor,
PDF reader, docx reader, pptx reader
Author: hbl917070(深海異音)
Email: hbl917070@gmail.com